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Veronica Mars, Wearer of the Butch Boots

Home of the Discreet Lesbian Overtones

Veronica Mars Femslash
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Veronica Mars, girl investigator. Snarky teenager. She's smarter than us, but is she also gayer than us? Depends how gay you are, but you'd have to be pretty damn gay to be gayer than her.

This community is dedicated to the theory that Veronica Mars Is Very. Very. Gay, as well commited to being a place to post any girl/girl fanfiction revolving around Veronica, or the characters on her show. Veronica/female may be the focus, but we welcome any girl/girl fic focusing on VMars characters. Crossovers, too.

    Rules, Guidelines, and Stuff
  • You can post: Femslash fic, femslashy screencaps, femslashy icons, spoilers that could be read as femslashy, episode discussion about femslashy aspects, etc. Anything, really, provided it's femslash-related.
  • When posting your fanfiction, include a proper header, with your actual fic under an LJ-cut or linked to another entry (in your journal, etc.) A proper header includes things such as the title, pairing, a summary, rating and a spoiler warning (either to set when the fic takes place, or to warn those that haven't seen all the episodes.)
  • When posting icons, please place them under an LJ-cut if there are more than three or if they're spoilery.
  • All graphics bigger than an icon, including screencaps, should be placed under a cut. Please warn if it's spoilery.
  • Warn and cut for ANYTHING spoilery. In general, anything past the pilot is considered spoilery. We want to be safe for the spoiler-phobic.
  • Don't flame. If you don't like a fic, or you think someone's icons are ugly, hit your back button. Do not insult the author/artist. In general, just try to be nice.
  • If rules are broken, we will warn you. If after a while you don't fix it, your post will be deleted.
  • By posting anything here, you are giving DLO permission to archive it on-site.
  • missambs and kben are your friendly neighborhood mods.